Quick mount adaption
One of our European customer had a client that required a new model of cash drawer with has a quick mount adaption. That means there is the mounting plate mounted on the desk, then cash drawer can slide on and self-lock. When pressing release mechanism down, the cash drawer is removed. We succeded to make the design and implement the sampling for the customer in a short of period of time. 

Bell ringing in cash drawer for security
We were approached by a Canadian customer. They wanted to have the bell ringing from the cash drawer when it’s opened, to protect against thievery. We added bell appliance into the cash drawer and the cash drawer rings so that the cashier will know even if he is not at the desk. 

Coin Cups for higher settling efficiency
Retailers in Europe spent a lot time in settling of coins in back office every day. Thus one of our customers wanted us to provide a solution for faster settling. To meet this demand, we provided our flip top cash drawer with detachable coin cups inside wo weights the same. In this way, the relater can easily weight each coin cup filled with coins to know the amount of coins. 

All Stainless Steel Cash Drawer 
All stainless steel cash drawer can avoid painting scratch and rust,which is a great option for grocery,fish shop and it is a high level product for some luxury retail shops as well.   

Wireless: Wifi / Bluetooth / Ethernet
Mobility has become a fashionable and easy way nowadays retail environment. Cash drawer as a big hardware in POS industry can also become as easy as printer and terminal. Thus we have designed wireless solution for cash drawer with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet function. 

Low voltage with unusual interface to open the cash drawer
Some customer required cash drawer with low voltage and special interface to be opened. We fulfilled the customer’s requirement successfully. 

Custom made cash drawer to be built in short time (3 weeks)
Maken has many advance CNC machine with well know Japan brand with high precision, which enables it to build custom made cash drawer in short time, without high tooling cost. 

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